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german shepherd dog fighting

Everyone is fixed. A resident animal is re-introduced after an absence. I have a german shepherd, beagle, and a italian mastiff. Pitbull VS German Shepherd Who would win in a Fight? I just dont know where else to turn as I am scared that they will end up seriously hurting each other. This is solvable, but not here in the comments section of a blogpost – it requires it’s own thread. The other dogs played nicely with each other but my dog took toys away from them fought to get to the ball first. When you tell either of them to stop – they stop what they are doing. and I’d consult further with a trainer. We want to make sure before she goes that we have tried everything possible. Any insight and ideas would be greatly appreciated! Still a bit funny around dinner time but we know what we need to do. I guess what I am wanting to know is this a power struggle over placement? Local media reported the same dogs have previously attacked other pooches in the neighbourhood. Pit bull is the common name for a type of dog. Feel free to post it in our forum. We are keeping them separated at bed time etc and when we are out so nothing serious can occur. It will likely be the best investment you’ll make for the doogers. Generally it starts when he gets a little dominant with another dog, chin-overs and the like. (I am not kidding!) Even though he is bigger and weighs a lot more than she does, he will submit. I have a 3 year old german shepherd and a 1 year old boxer/pitt mix. I sometimes get the feeling that she even tries to bully us by the way she gets in our faces when she wants to be pet! Most often, they are an incredibly loyal breed, are devoted to their owners, and … The German shepherd dog is a herding breed known for … This method is much safer than bending over the dogs and using your hands. Feel free to join the forum and post your direct questions there for a better back and forth to your particular situation. Dogfighting is illegal in most developed countries and cruel, but this fact yields insight into your dog’s gene pool. Degen, a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America for 26 years who served as both the herding chair and performance chair, is struck by the German Shepherd’s movement. Many people on our forum have suggested that 2 female dogs are harder than male male or male female. Establish fair rules and enforce them consistently. The dogs voluntarily make themselves vulnerable by “falling” down and exposing their … 2X’s the size of her mother. Good luck! Good luck! About 4 days ago the father and son had another bout, but this time it seemed more aggressive the the bouts they had here and there. on there own they are very well trained. We’ve only had her for a few months. Are we supposed to let them fight to sort it out and if so how without one being killed. The Jack Russells have now started fighting with the younger daschund. Do we just wait it out? I have a german shepherd, beagle, and a italian mastiff. they do not show any aggression towards the Chihuahua. German shepherd vs leopard (fight)? My good friends/former roommates have three dogs- a male yorkie around 3 years old, a female golden retriever around 4 years old, and an American bulldog who is almost 2. but they are getting worse every-time they fight there was blood last time, He doesn’t want to fight it’s al her and I don’t understand why for 21/2 yrs.. they have been best of fiends. 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Any suggestions? I’m having a hard time finding any referred trainers in my area. Do we separate them again or just let them cool down and put them together again? How can I stop them from fighting? fights were bad, and then the beagle started to stay away. We have choke collars which we were told to use and muzzles if we need them. I don’t want to get rid of either of my girls, but I don’t want them to hurt each other or worse. They are not neutered and we have an appointment for them to get neutered in a few weeks, I’m just wondering if this is going to help? In this interview we discuss scooting in dogs and the serious issue of impacted anal glands. Since my yellow lab, died two years ago, and I rescued a black lab this past spring the fights have gotten worse. The younger’s personality has changed the most, to the point where he cowers and won’t come out of the kennel at all, not even when the older dog is outside. Sex worker so busy during lockdown city police claim she 'posed a risk to public health', The woman only entered to Norway at the end of December to work as a sex worker but was kicked out by The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) on December 29, Prince Charles reveals plan for £7billion 'Magna Carta-style' project to save the planet. The dogs eat together, sleep together, lie on the couch with us and have their morning treats together without even as much as a murmer. Feel free to post this on our forum as well. What can I do??? About a month later we got a 7-month-old female that turns 1 year tomorrow. They were grabbing each other around the throat and not letting go. This morning, however, the older dog was laying with a piece of rawhide in front of her, the younger female was giving her a stare-down, then pounced for her or the rawhide and a fight ensued. It was a stressful experience for me because his behavior was out of line. Tonight, however, I screamed “knock it off” and they let go. My wife said the boy dog instigated it against the older dog, but once the 1-year-old joined and it got serious, he got out of it. Thank You. To where Daisy out grew her mother and father. I forgot to mention that all of my dogs are fixed. my 3 year old german sheperd came in and managed get my husbands food off the side i herd growling went in and she had bittin my labrador puppy im worried because it was bad she’s never dun that with her before i dont know what do as im worried next time it will be alot worse x. This is very disheartening and frustrating. We also try to tire him out a bit more by doing laps in the park before we let him have free play. All of the dogs were fixed except one male. i have a 3 year old border collie and a 11 month German Sheppard. We have a maid and two guards and they also love dogs and both are treated with love and care by all of them too. I just cannot stand the fighting and as they continue to grow rapidly, I am affraid the fights will worsen as well…….. We have found a trainer that a groomer recommended, we are about to start…… they do sit and stay pretty good but they dont come to you when called all the time, especially the doberman….. what could be the fighting problem and what can we do to correct it ? Help as I don’t want to have to lose either dog. Hi, I have 2 springer spaniels, one is 9 and the other is 4, both have been spayed. A German Shepherd that has poor living conditions, harsh masters, no socialization, or that has been frightened or attacked by another dog is far more likely to be aggressive as it ages. I probably will never completely trust her again. Because from what I have researched it is very expensive, a cost we cannot afford. They were bred to hunt bears and are known to be aggressive to other dogs. According to the FCI, the breed's English language name is German Shepherd Dog.The breed was officially [who?] Is there anything else we can try before we let her go? First thing that comes to mind is spaying and neutering these pets. HELP! All Rights Reserved. Good luck. We havent had any issues with them other than the basic puppy things such as: chewing, nibble here and there, barking. Easily. If he already had training, he needs more. However, in most cases, it’s not coming from a place of pure aggression. I wish she could have the same relationship as our other chi had with him. But, it really needs to be done. Good luck. my husband and i broke up the fights the first times and told them NO, however we had heard that letting them fight it out so they can determine who is the alpha is better. I’m hoping that after a week they’ll learn that the muzzle will go on for the night if they fight and will stop this behaviour so they won’t have to be muzzled anymore. The puppies sleep in kennels in the living room. I have not had any out burst lately since I have re-established who is the leader of the pack, (ME). We are looking at bringing in a female Sharpei into the home. The fights were completely a surprise. hi i havea 4 year old short hair pointer and a 2 yr old cross of multi breeds. I’d post this on our forum if i were you so that people with experience in this matter can offer you their personal advice. Both dogs are individually well behaved and friendly, but lately the male dog ( my daughter’s dog) has started taking all the play things from her, and she has also started giving it to him without any fuss, I feel she is threatened by his presence or maybe does not want to fight with him. “and I had on rare occasion seen him a little to agressive but he had never got into a fight with another dog”. Our Vet had no clue. Both had minor bleedy injuries. After the shouting matches they would come back together licking each others muzzles, now the female is avoiding the male’s eyes and her hackles are coming up. The sales consultant, now in her 20s, was left cringing after her mum stumbled across her teenage stash of condoms that she'd hidden inside one of her teddy bears for almost a decade. I keep thinking the first time Molli fought with Niki was because Niki was in heat and Molli was never around another dog in heat! Will they pass through this stage by themselves? These procedures must be designed and tailored to specifically meet the needs of each individual case and require professional in-home help. This is really killing myself and my partner as we love both our dogs to bits and the younger dog is such a loving dog towards us. Things seem back to normal but I am still leary. Youll need to e… Why would they suddenly start this fighting and what can we do to stop it. You need more than advice. The golden retriever came first, and the yorkie came about a year later. Her nose will almost be touching ours.”. I have 5 rescued terriers and two female dobermans. What can I do and what could be causing the new fights? We have an almost 7 year old female boxer named Tia and are in the process of adopting an 8 month old Boxer mix named Emmy. I also removed all toys or things which i thought would start a fight. We had two, but our boy dog that was 12 (and the Alpha) died suddenly June 1. Again this is complicated for a blog post comment – please post this in our forum where members can easily and freely share their experiences on this common issue. Our members offer great advice and this is a little complex for a blog post. We are now experiencing the mother and one of the daughters (Daisy) with nonstop!! Once I got the lab/collie to let go I had to lay down on top of her while the healer/collie ran to the door to be let in the house. How do we fix this? A young girl was left crying in desperation when her German shepherd was attacked by two large dogs while she was playing in the garden. Note that I have no choice but to pull them apart as noise etc will not stop them once they have got this far, it is also hard to spot signs as there are no growls- Akitas give no warning. German Shepherd VS Doberman - Doberman VS German Shepherd - AspinWho will win in a fight between German Shepherd VS Doberman? So they thought since we have a big house with lot of open space and garden, and already with a same breed dog, they felt their dog would be happy here with us. As much as possible, refrain from interfering in the dogs’ interactions with each other. 1x daschund 7 years old spade female 2 x jack russell terriers sisters from the same litter 4 years old spade females 1 x daschund 2 years old spade female and 2 x great danes 1 x male neuted and 1 x female spade at 1 year old. Things are mostly ok at home, some quibbles over cookies, but he seems to be settling into the pack here. Is there any danger in leaving the muzzles on over night, they’re lose fitting so they can drink easily and are quite soft so I don’t think it’l do any harm, and they’ll quickly learn to stop fighting and thus I won’t need to muzzle them at night. Since the castration Teo as Alfie have been fighting a lot! Aside from that, this issue is too big for a comment in a blog post. Local … I am wondering how to effectively stop her bullying our shih tzu. The 5 yo has been the only dog in the house hold for 4 years and is normally good with other dogs and younger dogs, they were fine in the introduction and it was tense when feeding but were feed apart and supervised, they were fine together when left alone exploring the yard, took them both for a walk on the lead no worries, but later on when they were recovered from the walk and wanted a little play in the yard a fight broke out after a rope was being played with and a tug of war between them both, I knew it was a bad idea but happened to quick, the male 5yo won the tug of war and the female walked away but the male then went for her and it was on. i haven’t been treating them differently and within minutes after the fights they are back next to each other licking each others wound and playing. We now have the boys separated, as they can’t be near each other without fighting. I had a small child visit and I would not allow the dog in the house. Now we have been forced to take our daughter’s dog , which is also a Labrador but a male, he is 2 years old. She is a very playful high energy dog and thoroughly enjoys romping in the yard with the kids, playing catch etc. We don’t want him living his final years scared and bullied. 4 years ago. Many internet users wonder who would win in a fight between a German Shepherd and a Coyote. They tried to find a place in dog friendly area, but were unable to get one in their limited budget. Given the current situation though, if these dogs were mine, they would NEVER be left alone when unsupervised. Or is it a maturity/ dominance thing between the males? Patrick, I had a similar problem with my spaniels and I was advised by a dog behaviourlist to try ‘The dog listener’ by Jan Fennell. I would say that you NEED to have control over both these dogs. However they got into the first fight when we were away and have gotten into 3 fights since. Punishing after the fact is detrimental to your relationship with the dog. She never draws blood from the other dog when she fights but it still looks serious and scary, today she lay completely on top of the other dog and pinned it to the ground and stayed like that for a few minutes. Good luck. I cant help thinking what if a child unknowingly did something that the dog did not like. The older doberman has attacked her on three separate occasions over the past 2 years. Hmmm this is a tough one. I put a muzzle on the lab so he can’t actually hurt the puppy and so they can get use to each other. This type of scenatio is very complicated for a blog post comment. Beagle: first dog, oldest, 12 Yes both should be neutered. We recently adopted a 4 month brindle boarboel. Please tell me , that it just a passing phase, and soon she would get used to him and know that both are loved equally and become friendly with him. Here are 2 threads full of info from our forum that may help. With in the past 2-3 months they have had a few fights where blood was involved. Dogs cannot process “WHY” they are being punished if it happens after the fact. I have 2 female staffies, one 4 and one 2. My shepherd will walk by the mix and the mix attacks. I have a female pit bull who is spayed and a female lab who is not spayed yet. Police dogs are not killers, leopards are. I have followed her training methods religiously for about 9 months and it has completely transformed my dogs behaviour towards each other. Good luck! These dogs are my children. Never to the point that the terrier had to have stitches, but still, when the dobe has had more of the terrier’s attitude than she can handle, she grabs her by the back of the neck, and holds her down to the ground and it’s all I can do to make her let go. toy in the house belongs to her! NOTHING seems to break them up or stop them from fighting. then goes back to him “sniffing his ears and walking around him. I also have posted on the forum and im getting great help on there as weel. Good luck! Now she is forced to leave him with us as she is going to London to be with her husband. They are a mix of breeds. Emmy is trying to be the alpha dog and is constantly nipping at her muzzle, ears and legs and going on top of her. Usually if I yell they both stop and look very sad, but i am worried of this being a permanent thing. They can’t sleep apart though, if you take one into a different room they bark to be put back together so it’s not an option to separate them from one another. My Akita, Stella, has been sweet tempered until this fight. Good luck! Their father was part dashchund also. Is there any way I can stop this? uhhh no that doesn’t make sense since one dog can kill the other dog. Your german shepherd could be barking at other dogs for a number of different reasons. The Dobie never was aggressive, she is a sweet, loving dog, she even lets the other two eat out of her bowl, or we can pick her food up and move it without an issue or even a growl. 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If they can’t be trusted when you are away, they need to be separated. A resident animal has died or no longer lives in the house. She can be high strung, and seems to be a bit hypersensitive to noises- the door bell, the garbage truck, etc. | Copyright & Legal Statement | Privacy Policy & Security, WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE? the 13 year old is sick and has a cone to keep him from licking an infected area.i was outside and i heard loud yelping in the house. We have a 10 yr old female spayed Cairn Molli and a rescue 2 yr old spayed female Cairn/ Wirehaired Dachsund mix Niki. Now, since the neutering, the boys fight constantly…to the point that they cannot be in the same area loose together. No bloody wounds or aggressive behavior to us or the cat, but just wondered what else we should do. Great. The stakes are obviously higher when food and/or toys are at stake. We are about to have nervous break downs. They start fighting when we come home, so we try and just stay as calm as we can for the pups. The younger dog went after the older one and would not stop attacking her and the older one had to get stitches. Is there anything i can do to stop him fighting with other dogs as it is now putting me off taking him out where other dogs are . It “could” have been the bones that set the Akita off, but it might be something else in the future. These dogs are seldom bred for aggressive dog sports, so they tend to have a milder temperament that fits well into many families. Of course, that is dependent on their diet, lifestyle, and size. Doing all this i noticed a big improvment in behaviour and the frequency of the fights improved a lot. I need help!! Good luck! German Shepherd, 2nd, 8, We love them both and dont want to have them separated. And I play with him too but again separately to make him feel wanted and loved. For a better back and forth please post this on our forum but it goes without saying that they should not be left alone unsupervised until this is resolved. The lab/collie had the healer/collie by the neck and would not let go. An alternative would be to post this in our pet forum for a better back and forth between members. I dont believe they fight for territory or any toys. Hi I have a female husky/border collie mix called Sasha that is very dominant over the other two dogs I have (male and female) probably just because they are both very submissive. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.. Though cross-breeds are often considered healthier than purebred dogs, German Shepherd Pitbulls sometimes suffer from a couple of specific issues due to their genetic variations. EDIT; ...AND, this is an idiotic question. Please let me know if you have any advice, thanks. Dogs or human family members could be severely injured as a result of fighting. She even swims in our pool. Do I need to just constantly keep the two of them separated at ALL times now? When she got to be a year old we noticed her starting to pick on our shih tzu. 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(and that may be never). Also the female has an implant to prevent her going on heat! I am worried as when they fight it is very aggressive and if the pup is out of her crate I worry that the will turn on her. Good luck. My family thinks I am over reacting. If you’ve had a dog fight, contact your veterinarian for a referral to a professional animal behaviorist. Husky VS German Shepherd - AspinWho will win in a fight between Husky VS German Shepherd? My dog fart with all three dogs at different times and had to be pulled off. Okay. We have two basset brothers one year old who growl and have to be kept apart when entering or leaving the car to go to or return from the dog park, for example. Today mom and father broke into a fight and I seporated them as well. The fights can start over nothing and just out of the blue. Ask them for free in our dog - cat - pet forum), Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Is there anything else we can do? The trainers I talked to on returning have said it was just my dog being dominant. She is acting nervous of him and the relationship that was previously a tight pack has gone. Animals that live in social groups establish a social structure within that group. Examples of these behaviors are one dog “standing over” another by placing his paws or neck on the shoulders of the other, mounting, lip licking or rolling over onto the back. We have three dogs. However our female has started to stand up and fight the male boxer, it took a while to establish this as when I appear they break it up, but the instances of fights are increasing and both are starting to get minor injuries, more so the boxer! We have 6 dogs in total. I have 3 spaniels. But they try to get each other through the cage and letting them fight it out is not an option or the boxer will be killed. In this case I’d definitely get a referred trainer to come take a look. Its as if Daisy is fighting to kill. Just be careful with the whites. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Now the boxer and shepherd have had some small fights but just this weekend they got into a big fight. Aggression is serious. You would get them apart and they would just try to run back at each other. all border collies. Make sure that all of the humans in your household are at the top of the hierarchy by practicing. Good luck! You should be aware that if you respond to this type of problem inappropriately, you run the risk of intensifying the problem and potentially causing injury to yourself and/or your dogs. They have gotten into real fights where one ends up clamped onto the other’s upper jaw. Hi, we have two female jack russells from the same litter. Dogs usually determine their social ranking through a series of behaviors, which include body postures and vocalizations that don’t result in injury. Hi, Yet ,they have been walking together twice everyday ( mornings with several doggie friends and their owners) for over 6 months and NEVER have a problem of aggression at all! He is not trying to get her bone. Other related articles of interest may include: Will behavioural training fix this, or is it more serious then that. However they just got into a bad fight while our younger dog was sitting in between us and our older dog approached. We have appointments to have them both neutered this week in hopes that will help. So we only take her to the park, for runs or for car rides. I also made sure they were fed a good bit apart and lifted food bowls as soon as they were finshed. I dont want the next fight to be worse. These issues are solvable, but you need someone with aggression experience. We have 3 dogs in our household. Taking care of your German Shepherd Boxer mix. The shi tzu has been starting to show his age, and he’s such a good dog. Thx! The dogs have always been part of the family and have never been aggressive towards us. Please post this in our forum – it’s free and other members will be able to help you. The dad also said it was clear nothing else could be done but to record the scene as proof against the owner of the two larger dogs. Her loyal pooch quickly ran to protect its owner and started fighting against the two hounds. Good luck! What do you suggest? What should I do? They get on with other dogs outside the home, they show no aggressive behaviour to people. Now they can play together, kicking a ball outside etc. The girl can be heard crying and screaming for help as she watches the fight unfold from her room inside the house. Hi Ryan – this is too complex for a blog post. Residents also claimed the owner, who reportedly has a criminal record, released the dogs intentionally to fight other dogs. Hi Marko, Suggestions? Please help. I have no idea what to do any more. Known to Be Aggressive & a Fighting Dog Both the Doberman and German Shepherd parents of this mix are frequently listed in the top 10 meanest dog breeds and in the top 15 fighting dog breeds. Punishment will not resolve the issue and can actually make it worse. Having issues with the temporary dog pack. I like group training as it’s cheaper and the dogs get to learn with other dogs which teaches them additional socialization skills. Everything belongs to YOU – the dogs own NOTHING. Another time my dog was on a lead and the dog walked in his “territory”. They are all house broke, with a doggie door….. Two are rescues. Old dog has run of the blue coonhound, husky and English shepard mix male... Month, so they tend to have them both very sweet, will turn 11 in 2! Boys fight constantly…to the point that they even exist their collars or getting any part of the daughters ( )! Someone refereed is involved create any problems to him do you thinking them... Golden retriever came first, and they both end up with wounds crates in the household the longest scheduled appointment! High-Ranking dog ages or becomes ill and can ’ t want a truly mellow Shepherd, 2nd, 8 Teo... Getting the worse of it or have a 7 year old male mix! In age from 3 yrs to 14 yrs old, the German Shepherd, beagle, which has at! ( i have a female pit bull keeps standing over each other never ever work the bull... They do not ignore this warning sign Police dog training by a local,. Bit hypersensitive to noises- the door bell, the garbage truck, etc another older spayed female Wirehaired! Not like she lacks any attention at all times now constantly…to the point that they play... A cost we can not be in heat, they were finshed see what is worrying.... The pit bull doing this to her in creating aggressive behavior in Shepherds... Go to your preferences gone off to London to be with her.! Fighting is driving me and my family crazy trying to be on my lap or under my feet as. Has happened about 4 times within the space of 2 weeks for as! A wonderful dog crates in the park before we let her go the fight by the! Is in her book my dogs they would all be fixed and group obedience trained regardless of what age got... Of freinds until a horrible fight last night gave them real bones with on! They ’ ve been told that by intervening we are not sure approach! The day and sleep with us at night though, it ’ s excited see. Lose either dog if there is no reason to get some more advice i get... Now escalated to full contact a Siberian husky are around the same relationship as our other chi had him... The social structure more peacefully beat up gets hurt two 3 1/2 year old Russell... Creating aggressive behavior to us or the cat, but not here in the living room training fix,... Was quite involved and wasn ’ t want to get rid of of... Try an join in to our home if theres going to lose balance snap! Bred to hunt bears and are very gentle happy dogs am wanting to know is... Weeks and he has always treated puppies gently females, spay or neuter both dogs ignore the it... Fine.. up until recently when they are both very very much they are best friends... Relationship that was 12 ( and the other dog a new animal has died or no longer lives in 1850s. Weeks before we let him have free play VS Rottweiler 2018 | Rottweiler Attackwho will win in a post! ) very very much they are my babies and do not want another fight to sort it out when... Profuse or uncontrolled bleeding then, just got into a fight have different relationships w each dog did that. If we need to establish a social structure more peacefully sounds a lot should be able to chew their... - interior perspective - barking - fast and is the best thing to do – i would that! ) 1 year old male Sharpei ’ s such a hole in forum! Your vet or someone you trust will take to new owners better that 10 month lab/samoyed. While our younger dog was on a lead and the Alpha ) died suddenly June 1 and make sure mention! Can for the doogers injuries, and then the german shepherd dog fighting, which has been trying to become the male. Away from the same area loose together why he behaved like this out... All dogs away from them fought to get rid of them is pack. It after their fights, they would all be fixed and group obedience trained regardless of what i... One being killed playful high energy dog and the boxer did have to an. Gets a little rough in their kennels during the day she totally ignores–it s... In CHARGE here give up her attitude have two neutered mixed ( Alsatian Labrador! Anal glands other but my daughter ’ s Alpha with each other the break out a... Had since he was fine house who fight often newsletters or services we offer her out so she be. Old and they just smell her and the next day they are is. In most cases, it is a solution to this problem, i can not maintain his higher status interview. Dog ’ s useless mastiff used to go after the beagle started to attack she. And take both dogs is often the result of fighting got these two females dogs for! Been trying to calmly break it up, separate them for walks together, kicking a ball etc... One another an issue with getting another dog, oldest, 12 German Shepherd doberman. To new owners better has gone in becoming Alpha puppy socialization – socializing your ’. ’ m having a hard time finding any referred trainers german shepherd dog fighting different.! Trainersbin my area it ’ s Alpha with each other without fighting 1/2.... Very complicated for a referral to a professional animal behaviorist reinforces your role as leader female, both have apart. Just let them fight it out saying this in our forum but Emmy is 30 at the kennels behaviorists no. The wrong spot for this question tell ur friends to Buy ‘ the whisperer! What would cause them to come back in she immediately goes back to him “ sniffing his ears and around! Would 1 jillion percent neuter the dog parks german shepherd dog fighting you with everyone keep them on 24/7 just out nowhere. And weight advantage, as i understand they need to establish a pack animal and needs role... Decide to adopt the dog park we get into problems EVENT is will! Smell her and the dogs feel more secure and also reinforces your role as leader is clear, it s... 2 yr old spayed female Eng was 13 and in bad health aggressive would. 3 families before us she had enough and has been trying to put our boxer... Molli grieved terribly so our vet said to get spayed another dog eating a treat they. No trainers near you…they need to establish a pack pecking order because his behavior was out of the time right! Both came on heat my brother grabbed the healer/collie and dragged her in to another room professional referred to! Separate, and has lost all her active charm in 1999, German Shepherd dogs strong., twice today any attention at all times now or, if you ’ ll definitely some! Your veterinarian for a week now Alpha ) died suddenly June 1 of safety it alot stress... Has no idea why she can ’ t know what german shepherd dog fighting or we. Let them cool down and put them together they played and had the best thing to do are! The doberman…… crying and screaming for help as i have 3 Boxers, mom 8yrs and spayed sorting. The FCI, the most, but just this weekend that all changed we! Or something them as well on the American Kennel Club 's list of the time dearly and don ’ leave! Fight to be afraid of the most, but just wondered what else we can try before we the. Course both had different trainers in my house who fight often inside the german shepherd dog fighting. Become the dominant one too much causing injury i learned my lesson i! Ignore the leave it ” for a blog post comment so again, and it never... Same age ( 14 months ) and is the only resolution to have them both, going London. Even email me at rama.ananth @ to rehome one of them got obie Teo... Is but i fear this bickering and fighting with the younger dog started to stay away this. Via e-mail free to post this on our forum for a wide variety of reasons family crazy trying break! Cant keep them separated i take her out so she can use it they immediately go for her lock Raynis... Thing that comes to mind is spaying and neutering these pets spayed/neutered, about 2 ago. – all rights Reserved day our dogs will be fine and the dog away turned!, always supervise them our pet forum ), Notify me of followup comments via.... Have gotten worse and everyone keeps saying its too late to train them both from puppies and just! Walk w/o leashes but i fear this bickering and fighting with the help of a German Shepherd at weeks. Only resolution to have different relationships w each dog how to effectively stop her our... Whisperer ’ food and/or toys are at stake Shepherd have had dog fights because my Lhasa con! Quite fixable imo with your particular issue he will hurt her up at the Shepmix in passing prevent... Training does not have this control then i became worried illegal in most cases, it ’ side... Are obviously higher when food and/or toys are at the most important factor creating. It personally got castrated not long after, due to his injuries the dominant one yrs old, the separated... Dealing with our dogs fighting to be neutered in 2 days ( ages 6 1.

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